The World Only Method:The processing technology for High-Volume ProductionThe molding technique in an argon gas-filled glove box

Honjo Metal consolidates the processing technology of argon and carbon dioxide gas mixed atmosphere to form stable surface film on lithium during the formation of molding. This is the world only method: The molding technique in an argon gas filled glove box. Lithium is a metal sensitive to moisture in the atmosphere, for that reason, we prevent boxes from contamination of moisture in the atmosphere by applying the internal pressure in the airtight boxes with a 24-hour automatic argon gas supply system. All processes of installation, molding and laminate packaging are performed under these conditions, resulting in superior storage characteristic and reliability for low resistance lithium batteries. Our products have earned reputation among battery manufactures domestically and internationally. Our research findings such as compositional analysis of surface film formed on lithium metal are reflected to the production process. This is what we take pride as our research achievements in terms of the negative electrode material. Honjo Metal recognizes the changing needs of lithium market and our attitudes of running parallel with high-quality materials in response to the demands of the times will remain unchanged.


Provision of High-Quality Products Meeting the Market DemandsQuality Stability and Product Diversification, Our Unique Extrusion Molding and Processing Technology

Since lithium metal is extremely soft, accurate lithium foil by machinery manufacturing was difficult. However, Honjo Metal realized quality stability and product diversification by our unique technical know-how. Without resting on the current technology and quality, we make rapid progress to respond to the changing needs in the market. As a leading company, filling the needs of the lithium product market is our mission.

  • The full process is carried out in a 24-hour operated glove box inside of which is filled with argon gas in order to keep lithium ingot purity level of 99.8%.

  • Our unique extrusion molding method “precision die machining” and processing technology “take-up tension control” in a glove box enable lithium foil to be stable in form.

  • Our originally developed secondary machining of rolled products reached 20μm thickness lithium.

  • Honjo Metal also commercialized laminates with copper substrate and nickel substrate by secondary machining.

  • A rigorous inspection is conducted before shipment with digital indicators and electronic digital calipers, so that no products that do not meet with the quality criteria creep out of the factory.

Evolution ofR&D

Establishment of R&DMarket-Oriented Management System to Meet the Market Needs

Since 1979, we started to conduct R&D on lithium foil for lithium batteries. Two years later, we succeeded in commercialization. Since then, and up to the present, we have performed research and development on materials and the processing method and we established ourselves as a leading company of lithium metal.

Lithium Thin Films 100μm or less, Developed Using Proprietary TechnologyProcessing Technology Expands
the Possibilities for Lithium

R&D for lithium foil was developed as an ultimate high-capacity negative-electrode material for leading-edge lithium batteries and further thinning was key to improve its performance. However, because of extreme difficulty of lithium processing, 100μm was the lower limit under the conventional extrusion methods. In the midst of such difficulty, with the rolling method developed by Honjo Metal in 1998, commercialization was achieved for the first time in Japan, and films as thin as 20μm were successfully manufactured. Lithium usage is expanding its applications from conventional negative-electrode material for lithium batteries to as a battery component for lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion capacitors, and next-generation lithium-ion batteries. Honjo Metal has now realized secondary machining into high-quality laminates with various other metal foils (Cu, Ni, SUS and the like) developed using our proprietary technology and machines for such applications. The sophistication of still thinner films, greater width, and laminates with various other metal foils continues to be required in lithium foil which influences its performance. At Honjo Metal, we respond to the market’s needs utilizing our knowledge of lithium foil and processing technology that we have cultivated over many years.


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