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It's digital technology that flowered in the late 20th century. The radical progress of this technology has brought about huge changes in society, economics and our life. For instance, the entertainment industry including music, pictures etc., has undergone great changes. Lithium is a material which supports this digital society. Lithium batteries, with high energy density and capacity, are now in growing demand even in space. It is lithium foil for a negative electrode that is an indispensable constituent of the battery. Honjo Metal is the first company in Japan that moved into action to develop lithium foil, encouraged by the promising future of lithium batteries. We also successfully established the world's only method of processing lithium under argon atmosphere in a glove box. We are a leading provider of extruded and (or) rolled metallic lithium, and maintain a stable supply of products to lithium battery manufacturers and chemical makers domestically and overseas. Honjo Metal spares no effort in contributing to an affluent society though its original lithium processing technology.

Company Data
Company name : Honjo Metal Co., Ltd.
Head Office : 2-3-8 Hishie, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka
TEL : 81-72-966-1800
FAX : 81-72-966-1900
Company Overview
Company name HONJO METAL CO.,LTD. 
Address 2-3-8 Hishie,Higashi-Osaka,Osaka 
Tel : 81-72-966-1800 
Fax : 81-72-966-1900 
URL : 
E-mail : 
Date founded July 1910
Date incorporated  February 21, 1958 
Capital \15,000,000
of business 
Principal business activities involve the manufacturing and丂processing of lithium and lithium alloys for use in batteries and chemical media.
Clients Manufacturers of batteries, electrical equipments, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, public research laboratories, and others

Company History 
1910 Founded as the Honjo Shingen Company, Japan's first manufacturer of cigarette lighters (so called "magic matches") 
1942 In cooperation with the Ishino Laboratory of the former Osaka Imperial University, the company succeeded in manufacturing Japan's first cerium alloy metal. 
1946 Name changed to Honjo Lion Co.,Ltd. 
1958 In response to expending demand for rare metals, The Metals Processing Division became independent from Honjo Lion Co.,Ltd. and was esablished as Honjo Metal Co.,Ltd. 
1973 Operations moved to newly built plant in Higashi-Osaka for the expansion of business
1976 Second plant was built in Higashi-Osaka.
1979 R&D began on forming clumps of lithium into foils and rods. (Successd in practical application and was commercialized in 1981.) 
1982 Received Technology Upgrade Program fund from MITI for lithium processing technology 
1983 Plants was consolidated and moved to Takara-machi in Higashi-Osaka. 
1989 Received aid fund from Venture Development Foundation for the application of lithium anodes. 
1990 Honjo Metal Co.,Ltd. was authorized as a Technology Development Enterprise by Osaka Prefecture's goverment. 
1992 Production expansion system and technology development system were strengthened, and the plant was moved to a new facility in Hishie,Higashi-Osaka. 
2006 MOUTON INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. was established in Hong Kong for the purpose of intemational business operation of lithium products.

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